Avoid These 5 Social Media Mistakes

May 26 2017

If you're looking for ways to connect with past and prospective clients, you can't go wrong with social media. Or can you? Unfortunately, even a tool as powerful as social media can lead to negative results if used poorly. Here are five common social media mistakes you want to avoid.

1. Constant self-promotion -- There's no need to beat followers over the head with self-promotional sales pitches. Instead, build brand loyalty by sharing relevant personal experiences, expertise and content. Stay top of mind and expand your reach by providing value.

2. Self-centered posting -- Your followers know you're in the mortgage business; that's why they followed you. But if you want to build stronger relationships, try turning the attention to your audience once in a while. Share their content. Give them a mention. Let them know you care. And don't be afraid to highlight community events or other local businesses.

3. Not posting regularly -- To make the most of your social audience, create a content calendar. A calendar will help keep you on schedule and will also help you organize and develop content ideas, making your message more effective.

4. No game plan -- Your content strategy should be goal-oriented. If you want to generate word of mouth, for example, you need to create shareable content -- helpful tutorials, FAQs, videos, infographics. Use analytics to gauge the success of your content and tweak your strategy as necessary.

5. Ignoring negative comments -- If someone lodges a complaint, be ready to respond. Prepare responses based on the criticisms you could potentially receive. When you acknowledge and reply to negative comments, it not only builds stronger relationships with those clients, but it also shows integrity to prospects.