4 Ways to Earn Your Client's Trust

September 01 2017

Trust is the cornerstone of the mortgage profession, inspiring both repeat and referral business. But how do you go about earning that trust, especially from new prospects?

Boost Your Online Visibility
Clients and prospects will search for you online. If they don't see a legitimate online presence, they may start to doubt your credibility. Be sure your website is professionally designed, up to date and connected to your business listings, social media profiles and blog. And remember, engaging content builds trust.

Ask the Right Questions and Listen to the Answers
When working with a new client, don't focus on your own goals or assumptions. Actively listen to prospects and clients, and work within their parameters. This shows them that you not only understand their wants and needs but also care about them.

Take on a Leadership Role
You're the expert; it's up to you to guide clients through the mortgage process, educating them every step of the way. If they don't understand why services like escrow and title insurance are necessary, they may become hesitant or grow frustrated. Helping them learn more about the concepts they're dealing with allows them to build confidence in themselves and you.

Never Stop Communicating
If you leave clients hanging, they may go elsewhere for help. Be proactive and update them regularly. Even if you don't have the best news, keep them in the loop and set clear expectations. Doing otherwise can mislead clients, and that's no way to build a genuine, long-term relationship.

In the end, developing trust with prospects and clients is about doing the right thing. Act with honesty and integrity, and watch your business grow.