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CORPORATE HQ, 3450 Lexington Ave. N Suite 210 Shoreview, MN 55126 USA

Phone: (480) 204-1812


3450 Lexington Ave. N Suite 210

Shoreview, MN 55126 USA

Phone - (480) 204-1812

The Smart Suite

The Smart Suite

What is the Smart Suite of Production-Multiplying Assets? You are provided a comprehensive array of systems, tool and support, each built to help you deliver the very best product and service. Our job is to enhancing your professional image in every way possible! A major strategic focus for executive management is to constantly be improving the borrower and referral partner experience through the adoption of the latest technologies for our originators. The home-loan itself has become a commodity. Your actual product is in how you educate and advise – communicate and execute. The borrower's and referral partner's feelings about the experience is everything!

For the Entrepreneurial Mortgage Professional that desires endless opportunity and freedom to run your own business while also having the support and protection; the ecosystem of a major parent company that does all the heavy lifting... Lend Smart Mortgage is your answer!

Dynamic Culture

People love working here. Why? Because we focus on teamwork and integrity. Unlike those companies that focus on their size... where you become just a number; at LSM we know who you are and we respond to your needs! Our culture helps you succeed just as much as any of our policies or procedures.

Smart Branch Opportunities

What are your options?
1.) Start your own mortgage banking firm... Have an extra $5-$7M to invest?
2.) Become a mortgage broker... Do you really want to lose all control of the critical processes and have your income dictated to you?
3.) Stay a loan officer or sales manager... and earn only minimum commissions?
4.) Open your own Mortgage Banking Branch

With the understanding that not every branch is the same and not every manager has the same management gifts and styles or goals; we offer two different branch platforms for you to choose from that leverage your individual goals and aspirations. One platform isn't better or more preferable than the other. It is about you, your talents and experience and aligning you with the best type of environment for you to succeed and that suits you.

CLICK HERE to explore further the Partner Branch and Turnkey Retail Branch platforms.

Branch Support

Get the answers you need to operate your business efficiently and profitably. You will have direct access to management and an extensive online support system through HRConnection (our Intranet). You have department support for Human Resources; Compliance; Accounting & Payroll, Legal & Licensing to assist you in all your day to day responsibilities. There are no hidden branch fees plus you also have access to a "live" real-time P&L so you know exactly how efficiently your branch is operating financially.

Seamless Transition

The transition and on-boarding process is a very important piece for everyone involved. We want to make sure you experience no down-time as you make you move to Lend Smart. Each department will personally assist you in every way possible to make the transition as smooth as possible!

Countless Products

With an extensive Banker-Correspondent and Broker-Wholesale product and program menu, we do everything we can to ensure you have each and every product you need to serve your borrowers. From FHA and VA to Conventional and Jumbo; from Rehab and Reverse to those quirky Non-QM alternative product needs, we make sure you have a product solution possible.

Low Competitive Rates

Our rates will help you compete with anyone out there in the marketplace. Our Wall-Street talented secondary marketing department will ensure you have every advantage when it comes to Low Rates!

Flexible Compensation

We want to our MLO's and Branch Managers to earn the highest possible compensation for all their hard work. You have the flexibility to set your compensation to fit your needs and goals while being the most competitive you can be in your market service area. If the market changes, you can change with it.

Closing Guarantees

Would a closing guaranty get your referral partners and borrowers attention? We trust it will. You can promise your clients that you and the company are so confident in our systems and process, that we guarantee it! We don't miss closing dates! Period.

Marketing and Branding

We provide a comprehensive menu of marketing assets to help build your business, assist your agents and referral partners and brand YOU and them as the consummate professionals you are! Each system is designed to increase your referrals and drive more business to you and your partners.

Be a Social Media Star!

How would you like a "done-for-you" social media marketing system that increases your visibility and helps make you the go-to expert on all the major social media platforms?! It's just another of the many production-multiplying assets we put to work to help you build your business!

Leading CRM

Client Retention and Automated Communication is critical in our business. Our robust CRM platform will systematically keep you in contact with your borrowers and referral partners during the loan process and for years after closing all done-for-you automatically. With milestone notifications, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and thank you notes, you will remain top-of-mind with your entire list for months and years to come all with little to no effort on your part!

Cutting-Edge Technology

LSM invests in the latest state-of-the-art technologies in all facets of our origination and operations systems, including an advanced Mobile App; customized Encompass360 LOS with automated Product and Pricing engine, all integrated with a robust CRM that provides you, your referral partners and borrowers live loan status updates, push notifications, document uploads and much much more.

Expert Operational Support

Lend Smart prides itself in employing the industry's top professionals in processing, loan officer assistants, underwriting, closing and all operational support departments. Your "back-office" will get the job done right!

IT Support Help Desk

Technology challenges are time-consuming and frustrating. We have a dedicated IT Help Desk available to solve your technology and systems issues if and whenever they happen.

Scenario Desk

We help you find solutions for those complicated deals; answer your unusual underwriting questions quickly; PLUS we will even help you with income calculations and tax return analysis.

TBD Underwriting

Help your referral partners by having your borrowers fully credit and income approved UP-FRONT! No last-minute surprises!

Fast Underwriting Turn-Times

We recognize that speed is important to delivering the highest quality service. Our industry-leading underwriting teams deliver the fastest service possible AND we encourage direct communication with your underwriter to make sure every loan that can close will close!

Got Low Scores?

It's inevitable that you will engage with borrowers that have low credit scores. That's OK! We can underwrite down to 580 on govies and 620 on conventional and when possible, we will allow manual underwrites too! Not only that, you will have the opportunity to provide your credit-challenged borrowers the opportunity to raise their scores with credit enhancement tools like automated credit-score analysis, what-if scenarios and rapid re-scoring. Now they will be able to qualify for their new home loan sooner than they thought possible!

Full Benefit Package

We offer a full menu of optional health benefits including Medical, Dental and Vision insurance programs. Planning to retire someday? We also offer a 401K program with company matching! Plus... we offer career development and training to take your career to higher levels than you ever imagined! Grow with us!!

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